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Let’s deliver

Seattle MINI is pleased to announce our very exciting “Let’s Deliver” program.

With our tradition of Motoring excellence, we are pleased to offer the next generation of customer service. With the Let’s Deliver program, we can now offer secure delivery of your MINI to home, work, or realm.

Our delivery team will provide on-site delivery to your home, a surprise party, wedding reception, or to your place of employment (check with your boss first, they might want one too). We have a purpose built cargo trailer, keeping your surprise nice and secure as we travel to your destination. We can provide as much or as little “razzle-dazzle” as you feel is appropriate – we can even video the whole thing, so you can relive this exciting event again and again.

What we have found out:

· People don’t have the time to spend coming to us – so we will come to you.

· MINI’s get purchased as gifts and we want to be in on the fun.

· You have a MINI but want a newer one, so let us make it easy for you.

How it works:

· Choose a New or pre-owned MINI.

· Let your Motoring Advisor take care of the details ($$)

· We come to see you with your new MINI!

The Fine Print:

· Delivery is free of charge within a 30 mile radius. Outside 30 miles will require a small delivery charge depending on distance and geography to cover time and fuel.

· Valid state issued driver’s license and current automobile insurance is required.

· Delivery must be made to the contracted client.

· True cash, gold bullion, grand Mothers antique piano or pirate treasure transactions are prohibited for everyone’s safety.

· Trade pick-up is also offered provided it is a MINI (all other models we can handle, we may not be able to get them back in the trailer, so other arrangements will need to be made)

· Weather permitting of course. We don’t ice skate, snow plow or sail.