We are excited to announce our new convenient service option to help give you more time in your day. Introducing our MINI Concierge Service! This is a new innovative process for you to get your vehicle serviced without having to come to the dealership! 

What is Concierge Service?

Concierge Service is our new paid pickup and delivery service. We will pick up your vehicle at your convenience from your home or work place. From there, we will transport your vehicle into the dealership for service. We will complete service and return the vehicle to the location of your choosing.

What can be done via Concierge Service?

The repairs/service that can be completed via our Concierge Service program include (but are not limited to):

  •        All regular service items. 
  •        Small repairs and items under factory warranty. 
  •        One day recall repairs.
If you have any questions on a recall repair, please call 253-588-4225.

When can I schedule Concierge Service? 
Concierge Service is available Tuesday-Thursday, with a few convenient appointment times. 

What does Concierge Service cost?
Given the current COVID-19 situation we are offering this service at a flat rate of $60.00 


Am I able to get a courtesy vehicle while mine is at the dealership? 

At this time we do not offer courtesy vehicles, as this is a new program we are piloting. 

If additional repairs or services are required, will I be able to get a courtesy vehicle? 

In the event that your vehicle needs to remain at dealership for a longer period of time, we will be happy to make arrangements. Speak to your service coordinator for more details. 

If I am under a maintenance program, do I still have to pay for the service fee? 

All customers will be responsible for their own Concierge Service fee.

 My MINI is not running well or is unsafe to drive, can you still pick it up through this program?

No, vehicle must be in a reasonable driving condition. However, we do have another program available to help with this. 

Any other questions, please feel free to call us at 253-588-4225.